Friday, August 25, 2006

Blanket level of annoyance

You know, I have been doing my best to maintain what I like to call a blanket level of annoyance with things in general, but I think it's getting harder.
Just simple things, needs if you will.
We need food, water, shelter, companionship (although I have heard some people say they don't need that last one).

Food: Is poisoned, that is of course unless you pay twice as much or more to buy special non-poisoned food (call it organic food).
Water: Also poisoned, and people pay around a dollar a glass for clean water (although investing in a good water filter [Big Berkey anyone?] saves quite a bit of hassle there).
Shelter: Minimum wage is what, five fifteen an hour? That's about six hundred dollars after taxes a month. I know zero houses you could get for that, and while you could get a good apartment (at least here in OKC) for that, how would you eat, or pay for transportation to and from work? Let alone, God forbid, you had anyone but yourself to provide for.
Companionship: Most people's best friend these days I hate to say it is the television. They spend more time with it than anyone else in their family. It tries to fill the void of real companionship with horrible things like reality TV or sitcoms, but it really doesn't want to be your friend. It just wants to sell you crap. I know if any of my friends stopped talking to me every fifteen minutes to try to sell me something I would not stay their friend for long. Poison, again.

Why is it that three of the four things are poison, and the fourth costs more money than many of us can afford? People used to get these four things from the land, with their community right there to help. What happened here?
I see new things all the time, hear new things in the news about companies cutting corners, being downright evil (sometimes with a capital "E" even). I think I can maintain this blanket level in part because I have stopped expecting better, I no longer expect people to behave in a civilized manner. It's only when they do the right thing that I am suprised anymore.
Wow, doesn't that sound cynical?
At least it won't stop me from doing the right thing, and it won't stop you either (at least there's two of us, right?).


Anonymous redredkroovy said...

Oh Wayne, don't you know that living like we did in the old days and getting all we needed to live from the land is not very profitable for giant companies? How dare you accuse corporate America of being wrong!?... Yeah... I'm just as annoyed... can you tell?

12:26 PM  

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