Thursday, December 14, 2006

Game of tag

You know my wife (my intelligent, beautiful, loving wife) tagged me with another task. This time I need to get some random letter and list ten things that start with that letter that I am grateful for. (you know one of these days I have to tag her with something....oh well). I understand it has to be the first things that pop into your head too (fun).

I got the letter R (well at least we know republicans aren't on the list, revenge jumps to mind too, right after republicans some how [go figure] I am definitely thinking down the wrong path though.)

1) Role playing games, the pen and paper kind, you know D&D, L5R, GURPS, and the like.

2) Religion, God is good, philosophy is good, life is good.

3) Responsibility, I know it's a weird thing to be grateful for, but at the same time I think it really helps keep us in line.

4) Repercussions, because you cant have responsibility with out repercussions.

5) Romans, because, well you know, we wouldn't have western society without Rome.

6) Revolution, we wouldn't have the United States without it.

7) Revolution, because you know it would be bad for the planets to stop revolving.

8) Rope, come on, you know you like rope (never leave home without at least 100 ft. of it in your pack I tell ya).

9) Repentance, because everyone is wrong at some point in there lives (most people are wrong at A LOT of points in there lives, but now I am getting back to republicans), and admitting your wrong is good for you.

10) Respite, because we all need a break every once in a wile (like from the letter R)

That was harder then I thought.