Tuesday, February 20, 2007


OK today's post is about nothing important at all, really. I direct the post at Wizards of the Cost (not that I am sure there is any way they will read this, or hear of it, but who knows).
There is a real bad shortage of good D&D electronic products out there, we have PDF books, and some third party map, and some third party mapping software.
Come on WOTC you guys are a gynormous company (at least you and Hasbro) I used to manage a Comic/RPG store and I know there is a big demand for electronic game material. I am also a computer guy by trade, so I know the kind of stuff that's possible.
Now we have a lot of books (I mean A LOT of books), and all of them have great rules in them, but you know I get confused sometimes remembering where my favorite feats are, or where a cool spell is located. So I propose a database product, something that catalogs all of the base classes, prestige classes, feats, and spells. If that kind of product existed you guys could charge monthly fees to keep it updated, and still sell the books (I know I would want both).
If you were really really ambitious you would make a product database of the Forgotten Relms, you could have an interface much like Google Earth where you could click on cites and bring up maps and local interests (as they get released in new source books of course) and you could charge fees to keep the virtual world updated with new things as new books came out (and you know it would be just frickin cool to be able to toggle between the overland and the underdark and the lost empire maps of Faerun). And it would sure make GM'ing a lot easier.
Well that's my pointless take for today (at least I got more then one post up this month, hu).


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