Sunday, October 01, 2006

5 Weird things about me

My wife "tagged me" so I guess the Internet goons will hunt me down and force me to post if I do not respond (that's how it works, right?). The five most weird things about me are.

5) I have a habit of naming inanimate objects, such as my car (Sasori-chan), my katana (Aiyoku), or my computer (S.A.M.U.S.).

4) I consider myself a pacifist, and I collect weapons (and like to be proficient in all of them).

3) I have been a GM for Dungeons and Dragons since I was eleven years old.

2) I think it's me that's normal and you all that are weird.

And my personal favorite.

1)I Invented a code language all my own back in seventh grade (pig Latin wasn't complicated enough for me). Only myself, my best friends and my wife speak it, but we still do, to this day. It's called Um lumangumage.

Umand umit mumakes pumerfumect sumense, umof cumourse umonlumy umif yumou umundumerstumand umit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Umif wume umarumen't cumarefumul umour sumon wumill bume flumuument bumefumore lumong.

9:12 AM  
Blogger Shujinkou said...


9:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And regarding #3: It's ya'll.

5:33 AM  

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