Monday, November 20, 2006


You know they say time is relative, and of course they are right. I always seem like I do not have enough time anymore. I remember I used to have time to read comic books, play video games, play pen and paper RPGs and even have a girlfriend (man I am a geek, well except for that last one). Now it seems I am lucky if I have time for one of those things in any given week (although I admit having a wife, now I believe I probably shouldn't [and have no desire to] find time for that last one). It is probably that whole having children thing, and trying to raise them right (cause you know doing a crappy job I bet takes less time). I think I would have really enjoyed having a blog back in high school (not that such things existed then of course), but now like all things I must balance my time well. I used to write a lot more in my journal as well, it helped me work out points I didn't understand about the universe (I wonder if now I understand more, or if I have just lost the time it takes to poise the right questions). I think I still have the most trouble understanding my fellow man. How is it we can be capable of the most amazing selfless kindness and at the same time the most vile hate (most of the time with the same excuses). A wise man once said that no one is truly evil in their own eyes. I am glad I have never lost my ability to see things from others perspective (lest I find myself doing evil), and at least I still have time for that, right?


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